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United Kingdom

United Kingdom, a country which has influenced the world and is one of the most popular countries in Europe

The official name of the UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern-Ireland. It consists of four countries which are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Great Britain usually only refers to England, Wales and Scotland. The UK is rich in history with a long history and much of what there is to see dates back from medieval times. As a result there is much heritage with castles and palaces such as the London Tower or Windsor castle which can be visited today. The city that stands out the most in the UK is its capital London which is one of the most visited cities in the world and has a high number of landmarks (Big Ben, St. Paul's cathedral, Tower bridge etc) which has been shown in numerous movies. Two other cities which are known for its universities are Cambridge and Oxford and both have a large historical city centre and are pleasant to walk around. Other cities which are recommended to visit are Bath because of its Roman history and Edinburgh which has an extremely nice historical city centre which has been almost fully preserved in its original state. For some nature head outdoors to the Lake district to do some hiking or visit Snowdon in Wales which has some amazing scenery. Alternatively go further up north and visit the highlands in Scotland. The cuisine in the UK is also famous, but for other reasons than its quality. The English breakfast is a good way of starting the day, but the BLT sandwich, the jacket potato or fish and chips might not be up to the taste of everyone, but luckily there are many pubs where you get a decent meal. The weather in the UK varies as the south is much nicer with decent summers, whereas the more north you go (from Birmingham up into Scotland) it gets considerably wetter. The currency of the UK is the British Pound as the UK is not part of the Euro-zone. Travelling around the UK is easy as most places are connected by train or by bus where the bus is considerably cheaper.   

Top 5 destinations in the UK
   1. London
   2. Edinburgh
   3. Oxford
   4. Liverpool
   5. Belfast

Photo galleries of the United Kingdom

The UK photo galleries have grown to one of the largest image collections on this website. To make it more easy to navigate through these, it has been split into four subcategories being England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland.

England photo galleries


Home to the legacy that was left behind by the Romans.

The second largest city in England.

Located on the south coast and known for its pier van vibrant night life.

Home to the oldest suspension bridge in the UK.

A university town that has a nice charm and feel to it.

A great place to go hiking with some beautiful views.

The place where it all started for the Beatles.

A place known by everyone and home to some great history and modern developments.

Mainly famous for its football club, but also a nice place to spent some time.

The most famous university town of England.

A (former) industrial city in the north, famous for its steel.

Scotland photo galleries

Photo gallery of Aberdeen with images of Marischall college, St Nicholas church, St. John's church, Union and Castle street and many other views of the city and university.

The city in the North now associated with the oil industry.
Photo gallery of Dundee including McManus gallery, St. Paul's cathedral, Caird hall and several other pictures of this Scottish city.

A small city which is up and coming.
Edinburgh pictures with views of Edinburgh castle, the Royal Mile, Arthur's Seat, the Scott monument and Carlton hill.

One of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe.
Glasgow pictures including its museum and art gallery, Kelvin hall, George square, city chambers, St. George's Tron church and many impressions from the center of Scotland's biggest city.

The other big city in Scotland with a long history.
Pictures of Perth including Scott monument, city hall, St. John's church and St. Ninian's church.

A small, but charming city with a laid back atmosphere.
The old town of St Andrews with pictures of St. Andrews cathedral, the Royal and ancient golf club, West Port and St. Salvator's chapel.

The most beautiful town in Scotland which is famous for its golf.
Pictures of Stirling including the famous castle, Holy Rude church, Smith art gallery and museum and several images from a walk around the town center.

Home to the castle that takes you back in the history of medieval times.

Wales photo galleries


One of the prettiest places in Wales with some of the best scenery one can image.

Northern-Ireland photo galleries


The city in Northern Ireland which has a troubled past, but a remarkably nice city center.

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