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Slovakia, a country with a medieval past that can still visited today

Slovakia is located in Eastern Europe and surrounded by the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. The country has historically been part of many empires and kingdoms and most recently was one country with the Czech Republic, but is now independent. Slovakia only has a population of 5. million people, making it one of the smaller countries of Europe. Its capital Bratislava is the main city to visit, but alternative cities are Banska Bystrica, Kosice and Trencin. These cities have a remarkably well preserved city centre including several medieval sights. These cities are not heavily visited but they do give a good flavor of what Eastern Europe has to offer. For a bit of nature the Slovak Paradise national park and the High Tatras mountains should be visited. The High Tatras mountains are also a good place to go skiing in the winter. In the summer you can go hiking or visit some of its caves. If you are into history, there are several castles dotted around the country such as the one in Levice and several wooden folk architecture villages. The country is part of the European Union so the same Visa rules apply as for most European countries. Slovakia joined the Eurozone in 2009 and, therefore, its currency is the Euro.

Slovakia photo gallery

Bratislava photo gallery showing Bratislava castle, Novy Most, St. Martin's  Cathedral, the Old Town, the Town Hall, Hviezdoslav square and the presidential palace.

The capital of Slovakia with many medieval sights, including its castle.