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A visit to the city state Singapore

Singapore is located south of Malaysia and is a small country both in surface and population (only 5 million inhabitants). The country is best described as a city state with its only city being Singapore itself. Originally Singapore was a British colony but after being part of Malaysia for a short while it gained independence and is now a prosperous country and one of the most advanced in the world. The advantage of Singapore for tourists is that it is one of the safest countries in the world and very easy to travel around as everything is in English. The whole city is also clean and everything works and is up to good standards. There has been significant investment in down-town Singapore, making it a really cosmopolitan city. Singapore is a multicultural city with many immigrants from all over Asia with the largest group being Chinese. This influence can be directly seen in Little Indian and Chinatown but is also present throughout the whole country. Being located close to the equator means the climate is very constant all year round, although this does mean it gets quite warm. Occasionally you will get a lengthy rain shower which can continue for the whole day but lowers the temperature. Humidity seems to vary a lot ranging from very comfortable to sweaty.  

Singapore photo gallery

Photo gallery of the city of Singapore with pictures of little India, Chinatown, the Raffles Marina and the Esplanade.

The city state with its impressive skyscrapers and its historical Chinatown and Little India.