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Russia, a former communist country which has changed enormously in recent years.

Russia is the largest country in the world, stretching from Asia to Europe. Many people associate Russia with the revolution leading to the communist period, vodka and cold winters, but Russia is much more than that. The inheritance from the Tsar period has left many great palaces and whole cities like St. Petersburg were designed in that era. Communist times have changed the country and especially in a city like Moscow, many buildings from that time are still visible today. Modern day Russia is still a mix of contrasts with ultramodern shopping centers  architecture from all different era's and rural areas. Despite the enormous size of Russia, most cities to visit are in the West of Russia and that is also where you will find most of its historical legacy. For those who want to spent a large amount of time in Russia, you can take the train from Moscow all the way to Vladivostok and stop a few times along the way. The most visited cities of Russia are Moscow and St. Petersburg, but if you have spare time, the city of Novgorod Veliky is worth seeing and shows a different side of this country. Several places such as PeterhofPushkin and Sergiev Possad can be visited as day trips. Unfortunately you will need a visa when travelling to this Russia which can be a bit of a hassle when you need a letter of invitation, so check with the Russian embassy or consulate. The Russian language is another small challenge but many young people do speak English and with a bit or patience the Cyrillic script can be understood.   

Top 5 destinations in Russia
1. Moscow
2. St Petersburg
3. Sergiev Possad
4. Peterhof
5. Veliky Novgorod

  Photo galleries of Russia

Moscow photo gallery with views on the red square, the Kremlin, the Christ the Saviour Church, VDNKh and Moscow university.

The capital city of Russia and loaded with a long history which reaches out beyond the Kremlin.
Pictures of Novgorod Veliky showing the Yurev monastery, the Kremlin, Museum of folk wooden architecture, the St. Sophia's Cathedral and the monument of the millennium of Russia.

A small city which is home to an incredible number of old churches.
Images of amazing Peterhof including the palace, the fountains and its massive gardens.

The most famous palace complex of Russia.
Photo's of Pushkin with a gallery of the Caterina palace and the gardens.

One of the most beautiful palaces in the world.

The home of a monastery which is the religious center of Russia.
Photo gallery of the history of St. Petersburg taking you on a city tour of the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul fortress, St. Isaac's cathedral, the Admiralty and the palace square.

A beautiful city which is known for its canals, the architecture and the enormous collection of art in the Hermitage.