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Romania, a largely unknown destination in Eastern Europe with a lot of history

Romania is located in Eastern Europe and surrounded by Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria. It is a medium sized country with around 22 million people living here. Its most famous citizen is Count Dracula who used to live in Transylvania and has been the inspiration for many books van films. Romania has a long history going back to when it was part of the Ottoman empire, becoming and independent nation and subsequently part of the Soviet Union. In the end it established itself as and independent country again but each of its historical era's is clearly visible today. It is now a member of the EU so travelling is quite straightforward. The most interesting cities to visit are Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu. For an outdoor experience consider visiting the Carpathian mountains to enjoy hiking and skiing or stay at any of the beach resorts at the black sea. Unique for Romania are the Painted Monasteries which are located in Bucovina in Northern Romania. Visiting Romania is best done in the summer as winters can be quite cold, although even in November you can get some nice days. Travelling around Romania can be best done by train as most of the mayor places are well connected. Buses are also available and cheap, although not the most comfortable.

Romania photo gallery

Bucharest photo gallery with views of the Parliament palace, the Triumphal Arch, Revolution square, the Opera house and the National Theater.

The capital city of Romania which appears as a combination of older and recent history but looking to the future.