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A trip to Portugal, an outstanding country in the south of Europe.

Portugal is a country which attracts many visitors because of its historical cities and attractive beaches. The most famous city is its capital Lisbon. This is a truly impressive city with many landmark buildings and nice areas to go for a stroll. The other most visited city is Porto which is located in the North. The most recognizable landmark there is the Dom Luis bridge over the river Doura and has become the face of the city. It is possible to walk over the bridge and enjoy the views over the old town. There are many more smaller cities which are worth visiting and give you that more real Portuguese feeling. Braga is one of those places and can be visited as a day trip from Porto which is more than worth it. Another city which is a must to visit as a day trip is Sintra, located roughly one hour from Lisbon. It is home to a medieval castle, a beautiful palace and has a charming old town center. Some of the other cities to visit in Portugal include Coimbra, Evora and Mafra. Getting around Portugal is easy as it has a good train system and long distance buses are readily available. 
Top 5 destinations in Portugal 
   1. Lisbon
   2. Porto
   3. Sintra
   4. Braga
   5. Coimbra

Photo galleries of Portugal

Gallery of Aveiro including the fish market, its churches, the railway station, the town hall and the cathedral Sao domingos.

A small but charming town, nicknamed the Venice of Portugal.
Images of Braga showing Porta Nova, Palace do Raio and the churches Santa Cruz, do Populo, San Sebastian and Misericordia.

A city in the North of Portugal and one of the must visit places because of its beautiful architecture.

An historical university town built on a hill.
Gallery of Evora which includes the Town hall, University, Cathedral, Roman temple, city theater and the churches Santo Atao and da Graca.

A town which can be easily visited from Lisbon with a typical Portuguese feel to it.
Photo gallery of Lisbon with pictures of Jeronimos monastery, Belem tower, St. George's castle, Palace square and the national theater.

The capital city of Portugal which has many sights and a laid back atmosphere.

Mafra is home to one of the largest and impressive convents of Portugal.
Pictures of Porto including the Dom Luis I bridge, square Praca da Liberdade, Cathedral, waterfront in Ribeira and the city hall.

A city in the North with a classical town center recognizable by its large iron bridge.
Sintra photo gallery including images of the Moorish castle, palace of Pena, the national palace and the pretty town center.

The best day trip from Lisbon, an old town with a medieval castle and an old palace.