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The Netherlands, country of tulips, windmills and the color orange.

The Netherlands or more commonly known as Holland is neighbored by Germany and Belgium and is largely surrounded bye the North sea and has been battling the water for many centuries. They have successfully reclaimed land and large parts of the country are below sea level. If you are looking for canals, dykes and windmills, they can be found everywhere as many of them were initially designed to keep the water out. Holland is famous for its liberal policies which has given the country a naughty reputation. The main city to visit in Holland is its capital Amsterdam with its 17th century buildings and many canals. Besides its many sights, It provides good night-life as well. Other historical cities to visit include The Hague, Delft, Utrecht and Den Bosch. As with many other European countries, the Netherlands is distinctly different to its neighbors Belgium and Germany. The country is flat everywhere, apart from some locations where it borders with Germany and Belgium. Hence, the bicycle is convenient (every Dutch person owns one) to get around and all cities, especially around the train stations have massive bicycle parks. As a tourist, it is quite easy to rent one and many city centers have designated bicycle lanes so you have to worry less about the traffic. Once a year, the Keukenhof is being held which is the worlds largest flower garden. It runs from March to mid May. The weather is typical seasonal with summers being comfortable and sunny, but winters are generally wet and cold. As it is a relative small country with many people living there, most cities are not more than an hour by train apart. This allows for easy day trips if you are staying for example in Amsterdam. One thing which the Dutch are renowned for is their love for football and expect to see much orange (the national color  when there is a big tournament going on.      
Top 5 destinations in The Netherlands
   1. Amsterdam
   2. Utrecht
   3. Haarlem
   4. The Hague
   5. Den Bosch

Photo galleries of The Netherlands

Photo gallery of 17th century Amsterdam with views on the Anne Frank house, Dam square with the Royal Palace, The Rijksmuseum, the NEMO science museum and the Old Church.

The capital of the Netherlands, known for its many canals and seventeenth century architecture.

Picture of the city Breda including the castle of Breda, Great church, Catharina monastery, Court of justice and the Beguinage.

A charming city in the South of Holland.
Pictures of historical Den Bosch of the Binnendieze canals, the St. Jan (St. John) Cathedral, City Hall, the Dragon fountain and many other sights from the historical city centre.

Probably the most attractive city the Netherlands. Typical laid back culture and a very attractive city center.
The Hague images of the Government buildings, Palace Northend, the Peace palace, the Mauritshouse and modern architecture.

The city which is the seat of the government. Besides this an interesting city center which makes it worth a visit.
Gouda pictures with views of the St. Johns church, The Waag, the City hall and several other buildings from the town centre famous for its cheese.

A city in the West of Holland famous for its cheese. It has one of the most remarkable town halls of the country.
Haarlem photo gallery of the Great Market Square and Church and many of the sights from the historical city of Haarlem.

A city just outside of Amsterdam with a rich history and a friendly atmosphere. The ideal day trip from Amsterdam.

Images of Leiden, a historical university town in the west of Holland.

A university town in the West of the 
country which also has a beautiful 
city center

Pictures of Nijmegen showing the bridge over the river Waal, Kronenburger park, the Great market, Belvedere and the old town center.

One of the oldest cities of Holland.
Pictures of modern Rotterdam including the Euromast, the Cubic houses, the Erasmus Bridge, City Hall and the Old Harbour.

The city with the largest harbor of Europe, but also with modern architecture and the iconic Erasmus bridge.

A little visited city in the South. Has a university and a laid back atmosphere.
Utrecht images with views on the Dom Church and Tower, the Canals, City Hall and many scenic spots throughout the city center.

The student city that has an attractive city center with canals and  many restaurants and beer gardens.