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High Atlas mountains travel pictures

Exploring the high Atlas mountains

About 40 minutes from Marrakesh lie the High Atlas mountains which is the largest mountain range in North Africa, stretching from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco, eastwards to Algeria. One of the attractions of this mountain range is the road that goes straight through these mountains providing you with an amazing scenery along the whole way. It is not for the faint hearten as you are driving close to the ravine and your Moroccan driver may find the speed it is traveling at much more comfortable than you. Despite this, you will get some amazing views of the Atlas mountains. The scenery changes face several times along the way from green land to red rock and bare grey rock formations. This makes you keep enjoying then environment you are in continuously. The highest mountain in this range is the Jbel Toubkal which reaches 4167 meters.

Inside the High Atlas mountains lies the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou which is an old town made largely with mud and because of its unique architecture and appearance has starred in many movies. Visiting the High Atlas mountains on your own can be difficult if you do not want to hire a car, but you car easily join one of the tours from Marrakesh. It is also possible to do some trekking (even for multiple days) but you will have to check with the tour operators what is available as a guide might come in handy. Dotted around the High Atlas mountains some traditional Berber villages can still be found which are quite an unique sight to see. These villages still look like they did hundreds of years ago and you might wonder if the lifestyle of the Berbers is still the same is it used to be.  

High Atlas mountains travel photo gallery


Red rock in the High Atlas mountains.

Red rock.


Green scenery of the High Atlas mountains, Morocco.

Green scenery of the High Atlas mountains.

View over the natural scenery of Morocco.

View over the natural scenery.

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Small Berber village in the High Atlas mountains.

Small Berber village.

Agricultural land in Morocco.

Agricultural land.

Green valley in the High Atlas mountains.

Green valley.

Green and red colored valley.

Green and red colored valley.

Scenery seen from a high top.

Scenery seen from a high top.

Berber village and some farmland, Morocco.

Berber village and some farmland.

Panoramic view of the High Atlas mountains.

Panoramic view.

River between the mountains.

River between the mountains.

Scenic view.

Scenic view.

Berber village, Morocco.

Berber village.

The main road that goes through the High Atlas mountains, Morocco.

The main road that goes through the High Atlas mountains.

Mountain view, Morocco.

Mountain view.


Road network crossing the mountains.

Road network crossing the mountains.

Zig zag road.

Zig zag road.


Moon landscape of the High Atlas mountains.

Moon landscape.

Brown colored rocks against a blue sky.

Brown colored rocks against a blue sky.


Scenery of the High Atlas mountains.



Rock formation, Morocco.

Rock formation.

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