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Morocco, a highlight of Northern Africa

For anyone looking for the real Indiana Jones experience, Morocco is the place to be. Snakes can be seen on market squares and the whole country is full of surprises. It is also a country with a lot of diversity ranging from very old cities with ancient Medinas to modern buildings and from nice places near the coast to the vast Sahara desert. Some of Morocco's most visited city is Marrakesh which has a large square, and old Medina and several mosques and other sight of historical importance. Other old royal cities include RabatFez and Meknes. To top it off you could include a visit to either Casablanca or Essaouira. Besides its cities, Morocco has some amazing scenery. The most famous of these is the Sahara desert which is an amazing place to visit and to camp for a night. There is also an impressive countryside which is varied from barren scrub, to farmland and a deserted oasis. You will also come past some amazing villages such as Ait Benhaddou. Although being very close to Europe and accessible, Morocco is a world apart as its culture and history is significantly different due to its Islamic influence. If you want a different holiday, but not too far from mainland Europe, Morocco is highly recommended. As Morocco is located in Northern Africa, the weather is sunny all year round, although in summers it can be scorching hot. Winters however are comfortable, when only at night it gets colder and makes a perfect getaway if you live in a place which has miserable winters The language spoken in Morocco is Darija and Berber, although for tourist purposes it is easy to get by with just English. Getting around Morocco is not difficult as it has a convenient railway system, which although being limited in size, gets you to the most important cities in the country in a quick and efficient manner. The currency of Morocco is the Dirham.    
Top 5 destinations in Morocco
   1. Marrakech
   2. Sahara
   3. Fez
   4. Rabat
   5. Ait Benhaddou

Morocco photo galleries

Photo gallery of Ait Benhaddou with images of mud buildings, the oasis, the kasbah and its surroundings.

An ancient Kasbah which is a typical example of the country's impressive past.
Morocco countryside images showing many places dotted around Morocco.

Some of the beautiful highlights outside the cities.
Pictures of Fez photo taking you on a city tour to the royal palace, the tanneries, the Medina and the Souks.

The oldest city in Morocco which has an impressive well preserved Medina.


High Atlas mountains pictures including several scenic views and small Berber villages.

Views of drive through the largest mountain range in Northern Africa.

Photo gallery of Marrakesh with pictures of this historical city including Djamaa el Fna square, Koutoubia minaret, the Medina, El Badi Palace and the old city wall.

A lively city that defines the local culture.

Pictures of Rabat photo with views on Oudaia kasbah, Chellah, Hassan Tower, and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V.

The capital with modern and old sights.

Sahara photo gallery including images of sand dunes, the sunrise and scenic views of the Sahara.

Pictures of a camel ride and an overnight stay of most famous desert in the world.