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Visit Mexico, the perfect mix of ancient history, amazing scenery and white beaches.

Mexico is a much visited country which is for a good reason. It is an unreal combination of ancient sites, cities with a colonial past and some very nice beaches which make you feel you are in the Caribbean. The historical part of Mexico is mainly visible today because of all the ancient cities that the Maya's have left behind. The best known one is Chichen Itza which is also the most visited. That is a pity because there are many others of which a few are probably even more worth seeing. The most exotic one is Palenque which has its ruins located in the middle of the jungle. The two other ones which are highly recommended are Tulum which is located near the sea and Uxmal which is a very quiet one, despite that it can be easily visited from most places in Yucatan. Two other ones are Monte Alban near Oaxaca and the enormous site of Teotihuacan near Mexico city. These two cities are also worth seeing as they both have an attractive look and enough to do to keep you occupied. Especially Mexico city is a real metropolis and has everything which is needed to make it a perfect place for a city trip. Another city which is worth seeing is San Cristobal de la Casas which is just a pretty and relaxing town. From here it is also possible to visit the Petrified waterfalls and the Sumidero canyon where it is even possible to spot some crocodiles. And finally there are the beaches. Most of these can be found in Yucatan and these are what makes Mexico a star destination. Most famous is Cancun, but do not rule out the nearby Playa del Carmen which, despite being just a beach town, is a surprisingly nice destination. For snorkeling and diving head over to the island Cozumel where plentiful tour operators can sort you out to go under water.  
Top 5 destinations in Mexico:

   1. Palenque
   2. Tulum
   3. San Cristobal
   4. Oaxaca
   5. Playa del Carmen

Photo galleries of Mexico

The beautiful waterfalls of Agua Azul and Misol-Ha which are surrounded by the green jungle.

The best known and most visited ancient Maya city located in Yucatan.

A tropical Caribbean island most famous for its snorkeling and diving.

An old colonial city in Yucatan which can be used as a base to visit some of the outlying pyramids.

The capital of Mexico and a metropolis with many historical sights.

A well preserved ancient city just outside of Oaxaca. One of the more quieter ancient cities to visit.

A colonial town with an incredibly nice vibe to it. Probably one of the nicest to visit in Mexico.

An ancient Maya site surrounded by a thick green jungle which creates an unique environment.

Rock formations with salt depositions which look like waterfalls, located in an amazing valley.

A beach town in Yucatan which is all about clear water, white beaches and relaxing in the sun.

A town south of Mexico city which has some of the best colonial architecture and many churches.

An enjoyable city.

A steep canyon with a river flowing through it which is home to crocodiles.

An enormous ancient site outside of Mexico city which used to be a center of the Maya region.

Beautiful Maya ruins with in the background the blue water of the Caribbean sea.


A less visited but equally impressive Maya temple in Yucatan.