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Latvia, the middle of the three Baltic states.

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries and located in the north east of Europe. It is surrounded by Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. Latvia is a small country with only 2.2 million people living here. It has a long history through medieval times and later communistic times and all of it is still visible today in the form of the different building styles and the monuments. The cities in Latvia are small with its capital Riga only having a small attractive city center which is historically very rich. Other cities to visit include Kuldiga, Madona, Liepaja and Sigulda. They are nice to visit, but don't expect metropolitan cities. Another sight to visit in Latvia include the open air museum of the traditional culture of Latvian tribes. Latvia has signed the Schengen agreement making it easy for many travelers to enter without a visa. Getting around the country is best done by train as distances are short and prices low and buses are not that comfortable. Don't forget to check the train times in advance as they might run on a limited schedule. Visiting Latvia is best done in the summer as winters can be quite cold. The used currency is the Latvian Lats. Travelling to just Latvia might not look interesting to everyone, but when you include all of the Baltic countries it becomes quite an attractive trip.

Latvia photo gallery

Riga photo gallery with images of the St. Peters church, the Old Town, the Freedom Monument, the Central Market and the House of Blackheads.

The capital of Latvia which has a very typical look and feel to it.