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Introduction to Japan, the country where the sun rises.

In the far east of Asia lies Japan. To many people an unknown destination but still world famous. It is a country with a long history and a culture which is much different than most other countries. It is even much different than many of its Asian neighbours such as China. One aspect which Japan is known for, is its use of gadgets and other modern technology. There are many shops which have the largest range of the latest high-tech products. Travelling around Japan is quite an experience as many things are different and can be confusing at times. Luckily the people from Japan are very friendly and most of them are willing to help you out when getting on a bus or train or getting some directions to your next destination. The place which most people visit first is Tokyo as this has the main airport to get people in and out of Japan. Tokyo is a great city to spent some time and allows day trips to historical cities such as Kamakura or Nikko. For the person who is in good shape a climb of Mount Fuji, the most famous volcano in Japan should be high on the list of things to do. Other cities in Japan include KyotoNagoyaNara and Osaka. These are all relative close together and well connected. Places further away can include Hiroshima or Okinawa. Getting around Japan is straightforward as it has an excellent public transportation system. The trains always run on time which is easy if you don't know where to get off (just look at your watch for the time of arrival) and they also run very frequent. The most comfortable transportation is the Shinkansen which are high speed trains. They are a bit dearer, but save you an enormous amount of time allowing you to get an early are late train and still have the rest of the day to go sightseeing. The best time to visit is usually in spring or fall. The cherry blossom season is the most beautiful time of the year to visit Japan, but it lasts only for a short amount of time. Summers can be humid and hot, while winters can be quite cold.    
Top 5 destinations in Japan
   1. Kyoto
   2. Tokyo
   3. Nara
   4. Mount Fuji
   5. Osaka

Japan travel photo galleries

Photo gallery of Kamakura including the Great Buddha, Hasadera temple, Zeniarai Benten temple, the beach and many other places of this town close to Tokyo.

Visit the Big Buddha statue in this town which is the perfect day trip from Tokyo.
Pictures of Kyoto with a gallery that contains Kiyomizu temple, Bamboo forest, Kinkaju-ji, Fusjimi Inari and the rest of its large historical city centre.

The most historical city in Japan which is home to many ancient religious buildings, including the golden temple.
Images of Mount Fuji, Japan most climbed mountain with amazing sunrise and views.

Climb the best known mountain of Japan and enjoy the views over the clouds when the sun is rising.
Picture gallery of Nagoya, a modern city in Japan which has an attractive looking castle.

A big city between Kyoto and Tokyo with an impressive castle.
Pictures of Nara including its most important sights: Todaji temple, Kasuga Taisha shrine, the historical park, Heiji palace sight, Toshodaji temple and Yakushiji temple.

An historical city where most sight are located in the historical park which creates an unique atmosphere.
Photo gallery of Osaka including pictures of Shitenoji temple, the Japanese castle, city hall, library, Burgersaal and other impressions of this city.

One of the bigger cities of Japan although not the most visited, it is full of surprises.
Pictures of Tokyo taking you on a tour to Meiji park, Sensoji temple, view from the metropolitan government building, Shibuya crossing and several other parks and street impressions.

The bustling capital city where modern times have overtaken past times. A place with relaxing parks and busy streets.