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Ireland, home of the leprechauns and the best pubs in the world.

The republic of Ireland is bordered to Northern Ireland and surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and the Irish sea. The country is one of the greenest with its vegetation growing all year round. This unfortunately is because of the rainy weather, but that is why plants grow everywhere and most of the country is always green. The good side is that it never gets really cold, even in winter. The down side is that especially on the west-coast you should not expect too many sunny days. With Ireland having only a small population and the majority living in its capital Dublin, there are not many big cities, but places like Cork and Galway are well worth a visit. These cities are actually a bit more laid back compared to Dublin. Ireland is part of the Eurozone making it easy for travellers who explore Europe. If you want to see some of its nature you can visit the Wicklow mountains which are located just south of Dublin and easily accessed by car or organized tour. There are more nice views of nature, but you will need to make a bit more effort of getting there, but you can just rent a car and drive around the country as it is not too big and can be crossed in a couple of hours. For some night-life  Ireland is well known for its drinking culture and the pints of Guinness and glasses of whiskey are served in the Irish pubs which are plentiful. The drunken guys singing in the pub have been replaced by flat screen TV's, but the atmosphere is still good and hours pass by easily. The Irish are mad for sports and if you happen to be around when the Gaelic games or the rugby are on, go visit as it is good craic. When it comes down to food, don't expect a cuisine that represents the best of the world, but many of the pubs do serve a decent meal.  


Photo galleries of Ireland

Picture of Cork showing St. Finbar's Cathedral, St. Ann's Church, Cork University, Shandon tower and other sights from this southern Irish city.

A small city in the South of Ireland with a well preserved city centre and provides a real feel of the Irish.
Photo gallery of  Dublin with views on Dublin castle, Trinity College, Christ Church Cathedral, Temple bar and the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The capital of Ireland and a city filled history and stories about its turbulent past.

Galway images of Galway university, Galway cathedral, the harbour front and other sights from the nicest town in Ireland.

A quiet city in the West of Ireland that has preserved traditional Irish culture and a place that everyone love's.


 Wicklow mountains photo's with scenic views on the mountains, waterfalls and the ancient Glendalough showing you the green side of Ireland.

Beautiful mountains just south of Dublin including the ancient settlement of Glendalough.