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Ubud travel pictures

Sightseeing in Ubud

In the middle of the Indonesian island of Bali lies the charming town of Ubud. For those who want to explore the cultural heart of Bali, a visit to this town is highly recommended. The town itself is quite touristy with the center consisting mainly of hotels and restaurants.

Ubud has many temples with the largest one being the amazing water palace or also referred to as the Lotus temple. The front has a large pond with lilies and a small long walkway which leads to the temple. Behind its impressive front facade there are smaller shrines and other statues. As Ubud is the cultural and religious heart of Bali, there are many small temples and most of them are open for tourist. Usually they consist of a walled courtyard in which there is a shrine and several Hindu statues which can wear traditional clothing.

The other attraction of Ubud is its location in the middle of the rice paddies. If you want to go see them, all you have to do is walk out of town and you will be right in the middle of the rice paddies. Several sighs have been posted in Ubud to point you into the right direction. There are many little paths which are not accessible by motorized traffic and used by local farmers only which gives you with the feeling of walking around in a scene from an Asian movie. Some of the other attraction in Ubud include the Monkey forest, the botanic garden, the Bali bird park. There are several places where you can rent a scooter and drive around and see many of the surrounding rice fields.

Ubud is also famous for its traditional dancing and in the evening there are many shows on. Ubud is small enough to walk everywhere. In the center of of the town you can rent a little bungalow for yourself instead of staying in a hotel. For your shopping, Ubud has a small local market which sells everything you need. Bali has a dry season and a rainy season with June up to September the driest months. When you want to spent time outdoors it worth checking the weather ahead of departure. 

Ubud travel photo gallery


Ubud Palace.

Ubud Palace.

Ubud palace in Bali, Indonesia.

Back of the palace.


Ubud palace, Bali.

The palace.


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Gate of Ubud palace.


Hindu temple in Ubud, Bali.

Hindu site.


Lotus temple, Ubud.

Lotus temple.

Scenery around Ubud.



Ubud local market.

Local market.

Hindu statues in front of a temple.

Hindu statues.


Temple courtyard.


Dressed Hindu statue.

Dressed statue.

Hindu statues and decorations.

Statues and decorations.


Bali monument.



Statue of a laying happy person in Indonesia.

Statue of a laying happy person.

Balinese temple.

Balinese temple.

Hindu statue in Bali.

Hindu statue.

The beautiful surroundings of Ubud, Bali.

The beautiful surroundings.


Small river nearby Ubud.

Small river.

Top of a temple near Ubud, Indonesia.

Top of a temple.

Jungle and bridge around a river in Bali.

Jungle and bridge around a river.


Courtyard of a Balinese temple.


River going through the jungle.

River going through the jungle.

Temple in Ubud, Bali.


Dressed up statue in front of a Balinese temple.

Dressed up statue.

Balinese temple, Indonesia.

Balinese temple.

Temple in Bali.


Pura Taman saraswati in Ubud.

Pura Taman saraswati.


Statue of the walkway through the lotus temple in Ubud.

Statue of the walkway through the lotus temple.

Ancient temple in Bali.

Ancient temple.


Not very well built pedestrian bridge in Bali.

Not very well built pedestrian bridge.

Statue decorated with flowers.

Statue decorated with flowers.

Front of an Balinese temple.

Front of an Balinese temple.


Balinese temple in Ubud, Indonesia.

Balinese temple.


Ubud temple.



Decorative garden in a temple in Ubud, Bali.

Decorative garden.

Statue of a Hindu god.

Statue of a religious god.


Beautifully decorated Balinese Hindu temple.

Beautifully decorated Balinese temple.

Statues of Hindu dragons.

Statues of dragons.

Closeup of a Hindu statue.

Closeup of a Hindu statue.

Temple entrance in Ubud.

Temple entrance.

Shrine in a Balinese temple in Ubud, Indonesia.


Temple Ubud.


Temple wall decorated with Hindu statues in Ubud.

Temple wall decorated with Hindu statues.


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