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Prambanan travel pictures

Exploring the temple of Prambanan

The ninth century temple Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and is worldwide recognized as one of the highlights of Hindu architecture. The temple is located outside of Yogyakarta in Java and an day trip can be easily arranged from there, often in combination to the temple Borobudur.

The temple of Prambanan is the main temple consists of a several towers. One of them is the main shrine Shivain. Much of the complex is still in ruins, but it is easy to imagine how this temple must have looked like when is was in its original state. Prambanan consists of more than just the main temple and smaller temples such as Pervara, Lubung, Sewu and Ploasan and other archaeological sights can be found in the same park. Of these temples, Sewu is the most impressive but it is definitely not in the same state as the main Prambanan temple is as most of its is rubble laid out in an organized fashion.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian island of Java regularly suffers from earthquakes which does harm to the temples. As a result of this, several parts of the temple are not accessible because of the ongoing construction work. When you look closer at the temples you will see many carvings in the rocks. One of the bas-reliefs tells the story of the Hindu epic Ramayana and Krishnayana. There is an entrance fee to see Prambanan and the other temples in the park. In the evenings there is a ballet which uses Prambanan as the background.

Prambanan travel photo gallery


Prambanan temple complex.

First view when entering the complex.


Silhouette of Prambanan temple.

Silhouette of the main site.

The Hindu temple of Prambanan, Indonesia.

The Hindu temple of Prambanan.


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Restored temple at Prambanan.

Restored temple.


Ruins and the scenery around Prambanan.

Ruins and scenery.

Prambanan Hindu temple.

Hindu temple.

Details of the stone architecture of Prambanan.

Details of the stone architecture.

Prambanan near Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


The ancient Hindu temple complex of Prambanan.

The ancient Hindu temple complex.

Ruins around Prambanan.



Pervara temple ruins.

Pervara ruins.

Tree growing on the grounds of Prambanan.

Tree growing on the open grounds.

Prambanan silhouette.

Typical view.

Main shrine Shivain the Prambanan temple complex.

Main shrine of Shivain.

The large Hindu temple complex of Prambanan near Yogyakarta.

The large Hindu temple complex

Temples of Prambanan lined up.

Temples of lined up.


Panorama view of Prambanan, Yogyakarta.

Panorama view.


Temples of Prambanan.



The massive temples of Prambanan, Indonesia.

The massive temples of Prambanan.


Lumbung temple.

Lumbung temple.

Restored temple of the Lumbung temple.

Restored Lumbung temple.


Candi Lumbung in Prambanan historical park, Indonesia.

Candi Lumbung.


Bubrah temple near Prambanan.

Bubrah ruins.

Candi Sewu temple.

Candi Sewu temple.


Ruins of Sewu temple near Prambanan, Indonesia.

Ruins of Sewu temple.


Silhouette of Sewu temple.

Silhouette of Sewu temple.

Warrior in front of Sewu temple.

Warrior in front of Sewu temple.

Restored small temple.

Restored small temple.

Silhouette of Sewu main temple.

Silhouette of Sewu main spire.


Candi Sewu Buddhist temple, Indonesia.

Candi Sewu Buddhist temple.

Sewu temple.


Restored part of Sew temple near Yogyakarta.

Restored part of Sewu temple.

Partly rebuild Buddhist temple of Sewu.

Partly rebuild Buddhist temple of Sewu.

Sewu temple, part of the Prambanan historical park.

Sewu temple.

Ruins of Sewu temple.

Ruins of Sewu temple.

Spires of Prambanan temple, Indonesia.



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