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Introduction to Indonesia, a stunning part of the world

One of the most attractive countries to visit in Asia is Indonesia. This South-east Asian country is a mix of old and new and has some amazing sights to visit. The cities of Indonesia are not the highlights of the country but it is easy to visit places like its capital Jakarta, the university town of Bandung and the city of Yogyakarta. If you are into history or ancient buildings Indonesia is a great place to visit. It is home to majestic temples such as Prambanan and Borobudur which are some of the biggest temples in the world. Each island has its own temples and especially in a place like Bali there are many temples to choose from such as the Besakih temple complex. If you want to see some nature then you will be spoiled for choice in Indonesia. There are several volcano's to climb such as Merapi or Bromo. If you happen to visit the island of Bali (which is actually one of the most popular places in Indonesia), you can climb a volcano named Batur there as well, or go on a tour to see many of the rice terraces. Especially in a place like Ubud you can literally step out of town and walk into the rice fields and enjoy the peace and quietness of the surrounding scenery. If you are into beaches Bali has plenty of choice with Kuta being the party place, but there are several other quiet beaches as well such as Lovina, Sanur and Padang bay. Alternatively you can visit the island Lombok with the Gili islands. Much of the accommodation on Bali are resorts where you can rent your own bungalow. Visiting Indonesia is best done in the dry season, but this does not guarantee you good weather, but showers usually don't last the whole afternoon. To visit Indonesia you will likely need a visa, but the majority of people can get one on arrival. Just check with the embassy before you leave.   
Top 5 destinations in Indonesia
   1. Ubud travel
   2. Bali temples
   3. Mount Bromo
   4. Borobudur
   5. Prambanan

Indonesia photo galleries

Photo's of the Bali Besakih temple including pictures of the different statues and buildings of this impressive temple complex.

The mother temple of bali located on Mount Agung. This is the religious heart of the area.
A photo tour of the scenery of Bali showing the rice fields, forest and other scenic views from the surroundings of Ubud, but also several other places on Bali.

Amazing scenery of rolling hills, rice terraces and waterfalls. This has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Images of several temples on the scenic island Bali.

Some of the temples that are scattered around the island. Take a tour to visit many of them.

Photo gallery of Borobudur which is one of the largest temples in the world showing its engravings, Buda statues and the scenery around Borobudur.

An enormous temple which has been built in layers. With on top many stupas.

Pictures of Kuta which include the beautiful beach with its blue skies and palmtrees, the downtown area and a Balinese temple.

The best know beach town of this island full of people relaxing in the sun and enjoying the party atmosphere.
Merapi photo which shows a flight over the volcano, the sunrise, a view on the crater and the views from the top.

An active volcano on Java which can be climbed and provides some impressive views.

Images of Mount Bromo showing the viewpoint, the sunrise, the volcano itself and the plains around the volcano.

The ultimate moon landscape and an easy way of having a look inside the crater of a volcano.
Image gallery of Prambanan with pictures of the main temple Candi Lara Jonggrang and some of the smaller temples and ruins inside the historical park.

A large temple complex on Java with some restored sights, but many still in ruins.

Sanur photo gallery of the beach and some of its resorts.

A more upmarket beach town in Bali known for its clean environment and relaxing atmosphere.
Ubud photo gallery with pictures of the Lotus temple and many other temples and little sights around Ubud.

The cultural heart of Bali known for its many temples. Also a great place to walk into the surrounding rice terraces. 
Photo gallery of the city of Yogyakarta taking you on a tour of the Sultan's Palace Kraton, the Bank Indonesia building, Malioboro street and many other sights from all over Yogyakarta.

The town from which the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan can be visited. Also has an impressive palace.