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India, the most memorable place on earth.

India is probably the craziest country on earth and it is an incredible place to visit. Given its size and being the second most populous country in the world there is an enormous variation in the country ranging from ancient town and castles, modern architecture, mountainous areas, deserts and lush forests. It has an enormous historical legacy which is still visible today in almost every city and town. Its main cities are Delhi and Mumbai, but they do not necessarily do justice to the full culture of India as there are many other interesting places to visit. Varanasi is its spiritual centre and the many temples along should not be missed. Furthermore visit the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra or take a trip through Rajasthan where enormous forts watch out over its many historical cities such as JodhpurJaisalmer and Udaipur. The streets are to say lively at least, but sometimes a bit crazy. Rickshaws and other noise are everywhere and even the cows on the street are real and not some story from a book. For a culinary experience, India is a very good place. Spices are used in almost every mail to create something very tasty. Due to a large portion of the country being Hindu, India is heaven for the vegetarian and many people will be surprised what is possible in the kitchen without using meat without getting bored. The atmosphere, architecture and food make India without any doubt a unique experience to travel here and this is probably the place that no one ever forgets.  The most played sport in India is the cricket and you see children playing it everywhere. When planning your trip, check the weather as summer can be very hot in some places. In contrast to our countries India has half an hour time difference (depending on where you are from add more). Getting around India is best by trains. Many cities are connected by night-trains and are remarkably comfortable.   
Top 5 destinations in India
   1. Varanasi
   2. Delhi
   3. Udaipur
   4. Jodhpur
   5. Jaisalmer

India photo galleries

Agra pictures including the Taj Mahal, the red fort and other sights from all over town.

Home of the Taj Mahal and the impressive Red Fort.
Delhi photo gallery with views of the Tomb of Muhammad Shah, the Tomb of Safdarjung, the Qutub Minar, the red fort and the Jama Masjid.

The lively capital city where every contrast can be found. For many people to first experience of India.

Pictures of Fatehpur Sikri taking you on a city tour to the sights of Badshahi Darwaza, Mariam's house, the gates, Birbal's house and Hawa Mahal.

A deserted city outside of Agra which has been perfectly preserved throughout the years.
Images of Jaipur pincluding the Amber fort, the City palace, Hawa Mahal, the Jai Mahal and sight from all over town. Jaipur

The pink city in Rajasthan. Home to some amazing architecture and the Amber fort.
Jaisalmer photo gallery including the fort, Gadisar lake, Salem Singh ki Haveli and other sights. Jaisalmer

A large fortress built on top of a hill which provides an experience that can not be found anywhere else. Step back in time when visiting this place.

A large fort on top of a hill and an interesting town center. One of the most attractive cities in Rajasthan.

The city which is the economic heart of India. Also home to several well known landmarks and an nice place to visit.

Beyond any doubt the most relaxing place to visit. A large lake and an beautiful palace combined with a laid back atmosphere make Udaipur a perfect destination.

The holy city of India. Watch the ceremonies going on at the river Ganges, enjoy the daily life at the waterfront and do some real temple viewing.