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Hungary, located in the heart of central Europe

Hungary is one of the nicest countries in Eastern Europe to visit and its capital Budapest is ranked high on the list of many people of cities to visit. Hungary is surrounded by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria so it is an ideal country to combine with others if you wanted to visit the region as a whole. Hungary is a member of the European Union, making it easier for Visa requirements and it has about 11 million inhabitants. Its attractions are its capital city Budapest an other cities such as Pecs and Szekesfehervar. Its capital Budapest does stand out considerably compared to the smaller cities of Hungary and as a result, the number of visitors are quite high. To see some of its nature you can visit the caves at Aggtelek or go relaxing at lake Balaton, which is the largest fresh water lake in central Europe. As you can imagine, it is quite popular with tourist, so you won't be alone. What is very relaxing about Hungary is that is has many thermal springs. In fact, it has around 1300 of them which are great for relaxing after a day of traveling. If you are not claustrophobic you can visit some of its many caves. It is possible to do caving around Budapest, you will just need to check with your hotel and they can probably sort you out. The weather in the Hungary is like many of the Eastern European countries with summers warm, but winters not so nice. The currency of Hungary is the Forint.

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A beautiful city located on the Danube where the cities Buda and Pest have merged.