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Greece, one of Europe's greatest ancient civilizations

Greece is located in  Mediterranean Europe and for many a favourite holiday destination known for its ancient history and beautiful beaches. It is a small country with just over 11 million people. It is largely surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, but has land borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Greece was one of the first civilizations of Europe and its history is still visible today and most cities and towns have ancient temples and sights. Especially in its capital Athens you will find many of the old monuments such as the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus.  Another ancient sights are the ruins of Delphi which boast a large theatre. Besides its ancient past Greece has also been influenced by other cultures such as the Ottoman empire. Some of the towns on the islands can feel much different to the cities on the mainland and distinguish them with their white-washed houses and cobbled streets. Other cities to visit include Heraklion, Rhodes Larissa and the party capital of Chersonissos. For some proper beaches, the Greek islands of Crete, the Dodecanesse, Santorini and Cyclades are most frequently visited. The beach of Myrthos is regarded as the most beautiful. Greece has a long tradition in its cuisine, but because of the many tourists, many restaurants have adapted their menu's somewhat, but in general the quality is very good and is also very tasty. Getting around Greece is best done by train and bus, but to visit some of the Islands you will have to take a ferry. Alternatively  there are also several internal budget flights available to get you to your destination.  

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The capital of Greece and home to many temples and ruins of the Ancient Greek civilization.