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Germany, the home of Bratwurst and lederhosen

Germany is located centrally in northern Europe and one of the most powerful economies in the region. It is a relative big country in Europe with one of the largest populations. The country used to be divided into two parts but has been reunited which gives Germany a blend of different influences which is still visible today. There are many cities worth visiting such as its cultural capital Berlin, the financial heart of Frankfurt and Munich which is famous for its Oktoberfest. Several other cities including CologneAachen en Dresden are worth a visit, but there are many interesting cities. The famous food in Germany is the sausage or as they call it, the 'bratwurst'. This is a snack you can buy everywhere. Another benefit of visiting Germany is that everything seems to work and the trains run on time. One particular attraction of Germany are the Christmas markets which are held in many cities in the last few weeks of December and despite the cold there is much to do throughout the cities. The weather in Germany is seasonal, so summers are nice and warm, while winters are rainy and cold. Germany also hosts some world famous universities such as the University of Heidelberg and the Humboldt university of Berlin.
Top 5 destinations in Germany
  1. Berlin
     2. Potsdam
     3. Frankfurt
     4. Wiesbaden
     5. Mainz

Photo galleries of Germany

Image of Aachen with pictures of Aachen cathedral, the Rathaus, the city gate and the Quellenhof hotel.

A historical city close the the borders with The Netherlands and Belgium.
Berlin photo gallery with views of the Reichstag, the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburger Tor, the Berliner Dom and several sights along the historical street Unter den Linden.

The capital of Germany with its many historical sights.
Images of Cologne showing  the massive Cologne cathedral, the Old Town and several other sights from all over town.

The city which is home to the largest cathedral of Europe.



Dusseldorf pictures of the old town (der Altstadt), the Rheinturm, the Konigsallee, the Schlossturm and the modern Gehry buildings.

A city with a lively nightlife and a pleasant atmosphere.
Photo gallery of Frankfurt with views of Europe's tallest skyscrapers, the Old Opera, the Frankfurt Dom, the Romerberg and the riverfront.

The business capital of Germany with a remarkable nice city center.
Goslar pictures of the Market Square and Church (Marktkirche), the Old Town Hall and Kaiselfpfalz.

A beautiful historical town center in a relatively unknown city.
Koblenz photo gallery showing the Old Town, the point where the Rhein and Mosel meet, Fort Ehrenbreitstein, the church of Our Lady and the Emperor Wilhem I I statue.

The city on the location where the rivers Rhine and Moselle meet.
Limburg an der Lahn photographs of the Limburg Cathedral and several other sights from the Old Town.

Traditional German houses in the old town center.
Mainz photographs of the Market Square, the Old Town, the Eisenturm and the main Cathedral.

A typical German town with some attractive sights in the center of Germany.
Potsdam photo gallery  including the park with the Sanssouci palace, the New Palace, the Nicolai Church, the Postdam Brandenburg gate and the Chinese House.

The incredible palaces of the former empire in a park which creates a perfect surrounding to relive former times.
Images of Wiesbaden including the Market Church, Schlossplatz and the Russian Church.

An ideal day trip from Frankfurt and one of the most friendliest cities in Germany.