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France, the country of wine, baguette's and history

France is located in Western Europe and tourism is a large part of its economy. It is also one of the larger countries in Europe with around 66 million inhabitants. France is surrounded by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. France is well known throughout the world for its beautiful cities and its sunny southern part, which is reflected by its visitor number. It is the most visited country in the world with Paris most likely to be the most visited destination. The reasons for this are obvious as there are several attractive cities, nice land capes, good weather and a very good cuisine. The main city to visit is the capital Paris which is an artwork on its own. It is quite an incredible place to see and experience the life of a Parisian. Other French cities which are well worth a visit are Strasbourg, Lyon and Nice or the smaller towns Avignon and Carcassonne. For some scenery you can visit the region around Bordeaux which is famous for its wine, the French Alps to climb the Mont Blanc or hike through the Loire Valley or the Verdon Gorge. The French cuisine usually consists stereo-typically of something small on a large plate but a lot of effort will be made to make it very tasty. Other delights include snails, but you will also easily find some fabulous breads and croissants. To get around France is straightforward as it has an excellent network of trains of which many are high speed. However, when you want to see a bit of the scenery a car is recommended to get to some places in the countryside. When it comes to the weather there is a large distinction between the north and the south. The north has typical seasons with spring and summer the best time to visit, while the south has a more Mediterranean climate (in places) and has nice weather throughout most of the year except for the few winter months in which it can be a bit cooler and wetter.  

Top 5 destinations
in France

   1. Paris
   2. Lyon
   3. Avignon
   4. Carcassonne
   5. Marseille

Photo galleries of France

Pictures of the picturesque city Avignon, including the city walls, the Pope's palace, City hall, St. Didier's cathedral and Pont St. Benezet.

A beautiful town in France with a large history and an old city center to reveals its past.
Images of Carcassonne with views of the old castle with its many watch towers, its thick defense walls and some of its old buildings inside.

A charming medieval castle that looks out over the old town of Carcassonne.
Pictures of Grenoble including the city prefecture, Tour Perret, the Palace of Justice and a climb up to the Fort de la Bastille.

A city which is surrounded by the alps and home to many picturesque spots.
Many pictures of the beautiful city Lyon with views of Notre Dame de Pourviere, St. Jean church, Hotel Dieu, town hall and Place Bellecour.

One of the most amazing cities and one of the nicest in France with a large old town center.
Travel photo gallery of Marseille on the Mediterranean coast including cathedral de la major, the scenic harbor, the city Prefecture and Palais Longchamp.

The second largest city of France on the Mediterranean coast
Photo gallery of the most visited city of Paris showing the Eiffel tower, Montmartre, Hotel des Invalides, the Pantehon, Centre Georges Pompidou, the Sacre Coeur, the Louvre, the Notre Dame de Paris and the Arc the Triomphe.

The most charming city in the world which is also filled with history
Views of Toulouse including pictures of the town hall, St. Sernin church, Cathedral St. Etienne and Pont Neuf.

A little visited city with a charming historical center and a river running through it which makes it feel like a big city.