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Please find below the most common questions I have come across. Still, if you have specific questions are requests, do not hesitate to contact me. Normally I respond to all e-mails I receive.

Are the photo's on your website free to use?
All photo's on MadPlanetEarth.com are copyrighted, but if you would like to use my photo's please contact me and we can work sort something out. Please do feel free to look at them on my website as often as you want. If you are a publisher and would like to make use of my pictures, please contact me for pricing.
Can we request photo's to be added?
Usually I plan my travels independently, but I am always open to suggestions. On several of my travels I have taken advice from fellow travelers which I have met along the way who suggested places to go. Nice ideas are always more than welcome.

What if something does not work on your website or I find a annoying bug or error?
I always try to take as much care when designing and building all the pages for this website, but unfortunately, small mistakes do slip in. If you spot anything that should be differently, please let me know use the Contact page. Nothing is more valuable then getting a bit of feedback from you guys.

Can I sneak into your backpack and travel with you?
It is always good to have some company while travelling the globe, but I do prefer to travel light. Off course everyone is welcome on a trip around the world.

What is your favorite place you have been to and would you recommend it?
There are two countries which I have really liked which are Russia and Indonesia. As you can guess, both countries are complete opposite from each other but I found them both having a unique culture and provided me with some great memories. And yes, I can definitely recommend both. 

How can I see what is in the picture or what it represents?
The photo's  on this website are all labelled. To see the label, just hoover the mouse of the image and a small text-box will appear which describes the picture.

Which camera do you use?
I started out with a Fuji S3500 but currently I am using a Fujifilm S6500. It is a bridge camera meaning it sits somewhere in the middle of a compact and an SLR camera. Currently I am looking to upgrade as it is reaching its end of its life.

Do you modify your pictures using Photoshop or anything?
The idea of this website is to show you cities and other places around the world in a true fashion. This means that I like to put the pictures on this website as they were taken. So, I really try to limit the amount of modifications I do. However, some pictures need to be rotated a little bit to get things straight or zoomed in somewhat to remove some objects. Some small modifications to brighten up dark pictures etc. There are basically no pictures on Mad Planet Earth which move away much from the original picture.

Do you use cookies on your website?
As it is handy to know which pages get visited and which not, I do use cookies. One of the tools I use is Google analytics to see what people are interested in so I can update these pages more frequently and provide you all with the right information.