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A visit to China, the up and coming country in the east

China is the largest country in Asia and an economy which seems to influence the whole world. Especially now with the made in china brand being known over the whole globe, many businesses are investing here. China also has a long history which makes this country worth visiting. China is big, so travelling around to see all the places that stand out to tourists will be time consuming. Its key attraction is the Great Wall, north of Beijing, which stretches for many miles and was originally built to keep the Mongolians out of China. But there is more to china and there are several cities worth while seeing such as BeijingShanghai and Hong Kong. These cities are all very modern, but if you look for a more authentic China experience try cities like Pingyao, Nanjing, Dali or Xi'an which hold many relics from the past. In these cities there are many ancient Chinese temples, which have been preserved. For a bit of nature visiting the region around Yangshuo is well recommended because of its mix of karst mountains and rice fields. If you want to hit the beach, Hainan is the place to be with its tropical climate. Getting around China is relative easy when you are travelling around the well-known tourist destinations and many hotels can get you the necessary train or bus tickets. An alternative option is to book a tour trough China from home, but this is not necessarily required. Outside these areas it definitely gets more difficult as English is not widely spoken everywhere. You will need a visa to enter China, so check with your local embassy or consulate before you plan your holiday. For a culinary experience China the food is also very good. It is well famous for all kinds of weird dishes but it also has a good kitchen.    
Top 5 destinations in China
   1. Beijing
   2. Great Wall
   3. Yangshuo
   4. Shanghai
   5. Hong Kong

China photo galleries

Beijing photo gallery of the forbidden city, Tiananmen square, the temple of Heaven, the summer palace and the Lama temple.

The capital city and the home of the forbidden city, Tiananmen square, the temple of heaven and many more landmarks.
Great Wall photo gallery with views on the watchtowers, mountains and much of the wall itself.

A hike along the longest wall in the world. An old structure with some nice scenery.
Hong Kong pictures showing you the Victoria peak, the Central district, several temples, Victoria harbor, many skyscrapers and the Kowloon district.

The city which has the most skyscrapers in the world.

Images of Macau taking you on a tour of Senado square, the ruins of St. Paul's church and the Grand Lisboa.

A unique blend of a former Portuguese colony, Chinese culture and large casino's.
Shanghai photo gallery showing the sights of Yuyuan garden, the Bund, Nanjing Lu, Pudong and Qibao.

The most modern city in China where still several spots of its ancient past can be seen.

Pictures of Suzhou introducing the master of nets gardens, the humble administrator's garden and many other places from all over town.

Famous for its Chinese gardens which make a relaxing day.
Yangshuo photo gallery with pictures of the town of Yangshuo, the river Li, the karst mountains surrounding Yangshuo and its caves.

The ultimate highlight of the country which includes karst hills and rice terraces around the river Li.