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Visit Cambodia, home of some of the largest temples in the world.

Cambodia is a country located in South-east Asia and is surrounded by Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The main attraction of Cambodia is Angkor Wat. This temple is the largest of its kind and its detailed structure and layout makes it a true unique place to visit. Besides Angkor Wat, there are many more temples in Angkor archaeological park including the ancient city of Angkor Thom. The two most visited cities in Cambodia are Siem Reap, due to its proximity to Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh, the capital city. Siem Reap is not the most interesting, but Phnom Penh is definitely worth a visit. Although not well known throughout the word, Phom Penh has some amazing sights such as the Royal palace and Wat Phnom. This capital is also a very friendly place to visit and appears much quieter than many of its fellow Asian capital cities. Another city to visit is Battambang which is home tot the Bamboo trains. For those who want to go out in the water, the town of Sihanoukville would be the place to visit as it has some nice white sandy beaches and clear water. Getting around Cambodia is mainly done by bus and all places which are of interest to tourists are well connected. Buses might not always be the most comfortable, but given that most places are only a couple of hours away from each other it is a perfect way of getting around. Cambodia can be best visited during the dry season, but can also be visited during the rainy season as days tend to be dry, but it rains regularly in the evening. All of the pictures in the galleries below were taken during rainy season, so judge for yourself.

Cambodia photo galleries


Overview of all the other temples and ruins in Ankor including Ta Prohm famous from the Tomb raider film.


The ancient city left in ruins today. Best known for its faces of Bayon, although there is much more to see.

The most famous temple complex of Cambodia which has become the national icon.

The capital city and a remarkably nice place to visit with many interesting places.

The gateway town for Ankor archaeological park which caters almost entirely to tourists.