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Bolivia, a country with some amazing scenery

Bolivia is a country in South America with attracts a relative lower number of tourists compared to some of the nearby countries such as Peru, Brazil and Argentina. This is a bit of a pity as Bolivia is home to some of the ultimate highlights of South America of which many are unique landscapes. The most visited city is La Paz. It is built on hilly terrain and has large altitude differences in the city center  It is not the official capital of Bolivia, but has the most government buildings and has become the most important city of Bolivia and a key hub for tourism. It has many old buildings, a large cathedral,  the government palace and all the other ingredients that are needed to make La Paz a cosmopolitan city. There are several day trips possible such as a visit to ChacaltayaPico Austria and the valley of the moon which are all worth seeing. For the daredevil, it is possible to cycle on the world's most dangerous road. The real highlight of Bolivia is the Salar de Uyuni. The immense salt plain provides an unique landscape which can not be seen anywhere else. The nearby national park which is also part of a multi-day tour and has many volcanoes and colorful lakes. Just for this area Bolivia should make it to the top of your list of countries to visit. Bolivia itself is also different to many other countries. Tourism is still undergoing development and the visit by the masses has not occurred yet which gives it a feel for an undiscovered destination. Getting around Bolivia is an adventure on its own. The roads are not all maintained that well and there are some steep mountain roads which are not for the faint hearten. Because large parts of the country are at high altitude, the temperature can change a lot which means it can be warm in the afternoon, but at night it is freezing cold.   
Top 5 destinations in Bolivia
   1. Salar de Uyuni
   2. La Paz
   3. Chacaltaya
   4. Pico Austria
   5. Valley of the moon

Bolivia travel photo galleries

Picture gallery of Chacaltaya with views of the mountain, the path on the way up and some amazing views from the top.

The easiest 5000 meter peak to climb.
The lively capital which has been built on many hills.
Pictures of Pico Austria, one of the most beautiful mountains in Bolivia with several views of the surrounding scenery.

One of the most scenic spots within the Cordillera Real mountain range.
Pictures of Salar de Uyuni with its amazing salt plain, the colorful lakes, strange rock formations and other wonders of nature.

A must visit place, the beautiful salt plains and the nearby national park.
Uyuni photo gallery of the local church and other street scenes of this quiet Bolivian town.

The hopping point to enter the salt plains.

A moon like landscape just outside of La Paz.