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Belgium where the culture of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia is combined.

Belgium is located between Holland, Germany and France and it is famous for its waffles, chocolate and beer. Because of its influences by its surrounding countries but having developed its own culture, Belgium is a great country to visit. Its most famous places to visit include its largest cities Antwerp and Brussels, but also the smaller but more picturesque towns of Bruges and Gent are well worth seeing. All of them are rich in history and architecture. Being a small country, getting around Belgium is easy and most cities are not more than a few hours apart by train, meaning that most of them can be easily visited as a day trip if you stay in any of the big cities. For an outdoors experience you can visit the Ardennes. The Belgium people do like good food and a common meal is 'frieten' which are basically fries/chips, only cut thicker. The chocolate and sweet treats such as waffles from Belgium are renowned and should be on everyone's menu as a desert. For the people who like a good pint, Belgium is a good place because of the many Belgium beer bars of which many sell locally brewed beer. There is a divide between the Flemish and the Wellish part of Belgium which is expressed most noticeable by the two different languages (Dutch and French) and the difficulties in forming a government. The weather in Belgium is seasonable with summers being comfortably warm and winters moderately cold, but wet.  

Photo galleries of Belgium

Images of Antwerp including the market square, the Stone museum, Our Lady's cathedral, Green Square and other sights from around Flemish city.

The best known historical city in Flanders and the world's leading diamond city.
Pictures of Bruges with the great market, the Church of our Lady, The Town hall and other sights from this Flemish town.

One of the most charming cities of Belgium with many canals and bridges.
Photo's of Brussels, the capital of Europe, with views on the Grand palace and guild houses, Manneken Pis, Parc du Cinquantenair and the Royal Palace.

The capital of Belgium and the European Union and also a very nice city to visit.
Leuven photo gallery including the St. Peters church, the University and the Great Beguinage and other sights of this student town.

The university city of Belgium and home to some history which has been classed as UNESCO world heritage.