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A visit to Austria, the home of Baroque architecture and Wolfgang Strauss

In central Europe lies the country of Austria (in German: Osterreich). It is landlocked by other countries which are the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, so it is not short of neighbors. There are only around 8.5 million people living here making it one of the smaller countries of Europe. Austria is rich in history and has many beautiful spots to see nature. Its history can be best seen in its capital Vienna, but also cities like Salzburg and Graz which are all well worth a visit and all have several good examples of Baroque architecture. Austria has always been a well developed country meaning that all of these cities are quite rich in their architectural design and history and it also has been maintained to standards as well. To get out of the cities and see a bit of nature you can go the Tirol in the alps or go for a swim at Lake Constance or the Worthersee. Austria is famous for its historical musicians with the best known examples being Mozart and Strauss. You will find several monuments and tourist attractions dedicated to them. Another famous citizen was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because it is a small country, most cities are only a couple of hours apart. There is a proper train system which gets you to the most important places. Austria is not only worth to visit in the summer, but in the winter months is a great place to go skiing due to the presence of the Alps mountain range which has many ski resorts. The alps are also a nice place to visit in the summer with the Grossglockner road being one of the highlights for those who like to drive through scenic landscapes.

Austria photo gallery

Photo gallery of the charming city Vienna, showing the Stephansdom, the Karlskirche and the Natural history museum.

The historical capital of Austria and the city of music.