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About me

Me before climbing a volcano in Peru.
This is me just before climbing a volcano.
Hi, my name is Berry Matijssen and started the website Mad Planet Earth in March 2011 with a number of photo galleries of countries I have visited over the years. Currently, I am adding many other places I have visited to make a complete travel photo album of the world. My goal is to share it with as many people as possible and hopefully be a useful guide to everyone who will be undertaking some travel in the near future and just help  in making the best out of everyone's holidays.

About me

I started traveling in 2004 when I was a student and wanted to see more of the world. Unfortunately, I was limited by my budget, but I did manage to see a fair few places in Europe. As the years went on, I managed to squeeze in a few more countries and was able to travel a bit more and also a bit further away from home. My travel adventures through Asia opened my eyes to a different world and especially other cultures. As I have loved traveling and probably always will, I am always planning some trips for the future. Each time when I get back home in Scotland from my holiday, I will add new pictures to the website. 

About the site

Before I started my site I used to visit many other pages and blogs that included pictures of places I was interested in to get a first impression if it was a destination I wanted to go to. Unfortunately, what I found was that there were always a number of drawbacks to these pages such as too few or too many images. Too much of the same sight, a website that simply wasn't easy to navigate through or just beautiful pictures which didn't have much meaning apart from being nice in their own right. So having spent too much time not finding what I was looking for I came up with the idea for my own travel pages. A set of pictures that gives a fair and complete impression of what there is to see and what to expect. Added to this a few lines of text with the most important things that you need to know to make your travel as comfortable as possible without having to read through long and boring posts.

Currently, I have travel pictures from over 30 countries and well over 150 places on my site. Each gallery contains about 30 to 60 pictures and should give a full overview of the sights that can be visited. 
 There is definitely more too come so keep an eye out by bookmarking my site and visit it regularly.